Despite the overused mantra that immigration is a federal matter, the illegal alien issue requires action at the federal, state and local levels. While the Federal Government has less than ten thousand law enforcement officers attempting to enforce immigration laws, there are over seven hundred thousand state and local law enforcement officers. In discouraging the kind of partnerships between federal and local law enforcement that are effective in dealing with every other federal law, such as bank robbery, kidnapping, violations of firearms laws and even making alcoholic beverages, this one-hand-tied-behind-your-back approach has allowed the number of illegal aliens to swell from one million to perhaps as many as forty million in the past twenty years. If we had this same approach to dealing with bank robbers as we now have with illegal aliens, our financial institutions would be destroyed just as illegal aliens destroy the quality of life in communities all across America right now.

Help Save Manassas focuses on local solutions to the illegal alien problem that can work in our own communities. Instead of simply complaining that the Federal Government has done nothing to secure our borders and prevent the unlawful employment of illegal aliens, we can also take action at the local level to discourage illegal aliens from unlawfully residing in our area. This inspires other localities to do the same, builds pressure at the state level, and dramatically improves the situation right where we live.

Help Save Manassas has helped to enact reforms in Prince William County and the City of Manassas that have made a tremendous difference in our community. Here's a partial list that demonstrates the result of taking action at the local level:

  • Changed the policies of the PWCPD, ending "catch-and-release" of illegal aliens when they commit violations of the law.
  • Changed local policies to restrict taxpayer-funded public benefits to illegal aliens.
  • RESULT: Illegal aliens leave Prince William County in large numbers
  • RESULT: Prince William Hospital sees 90% reduction in indigent maternity care costs
  • RESULT: Prince William County sees demand for some welfare benefits plummet by over 50%
  • RESULT: Residential overcrowding drops by 80%
  • RESULT: Citations given for driving without a license drop precipitously
  • RESULT: Explosion in school enrollments stop and slightly reverses, easing pressure on overcrowded schools
  • RESULT: Day laborer sites shrink by over 50%

Action at the local level is very effective, can be done quickly, and yields tremendous benefits.

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