August 9th, 2007

When Mexicans Without Borders announced their campaign to intimidate the electorate and the business community in Prince William County, they made bold statements about how their actions would bring our community to it's knees. John Steinbach, as a spokesman for Mexicans Without Borders, told the press that "If [the County Board of Supervisors] are actually idiots enough to implement this proposal, you're going to see an enormous economic impact. That's the reason why the community decided to have this economic boycott, to show the economic muscle of the immigrant community."

Mexicans without Borders has attempted to hold the local business community hostage to their political agenda. Their intemperate rhetoric and inaccurate statements have only served to engender fear and panic in the immigrant community. Their latest failure, a protest which garnered only as many persons who attended their previous community rallies because they brought in illegal alien advocates from Fairfax and Arlington Counties, and some from as far as Minnesota. Instead of achieving their stated goals, Mexicans Without Borders has only demonstrated that they actually do not represent the immigrant community, which has rejected their calls for a boycott and shunned a protest at which they expected seventy five thousand to attend, but only three thousand actually showed up for.

Illegal aliens that reside in Prince William County are clearly getting the message that this jurisdiction will not tolerate the continued presence of those who are determined to flaunt our immigration laws, disregard our laws regarding identity theft, residential occupancy limits, or laws prohibiting driving without a driver's license or proper auto liability insurance . As a result, those businesses that have illegal aliens as a significant customer base are reporting 30-40% drops in revenue. They may contend that this is a result of illegal aliens "hiding out", but it is questionable at best that illegal aliens have decided to stop buying food, or doing their laundry. Our belief is that illegal aliens are leaving Prince William County, and this is undeniably a positive for the legal residents and citizens of Prince William County.

Mexicans Without Borders represents itself as the voice of the immigrant community. This week's events clearly demonstrate that the legal immigrant community rejects their tactics, their message, and their "solidarity" with radical armed insurgency groups in other countries.

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