Statement of Help Save Manassas Regarding the Lawsuit Filed by the Woodbridge Workers Committee

October 11th, 2007

Yesterday, The Woodbridge Workers Committee and sixteen individuals, including seven illegal aliens, filed suit in Federal Court seeking to stop legislative action in Prince William County which begins to address the problems associated with great numbers of illegal aliens unlawfully residing in our community. This lawsuit is an utterly ridiculous attempt to use the courts as a political weapon in a fight that has already been lost by the illegal alien lobby, and as with every other tactic employed by them, is destined to fail.

It is important for the press to fully understand what the lead plaintiff in this lawsuit actually is. The Woodbridge Workers Committee was originally founded under the name "Zapatista Committee of the Knitted Cap" in 2003. A majority of its members are self-identified illegal aliens, many of whom have turned the corner of Prince William Parkway and Route One into an informal day laborer hiring center which is our county's largest open-air toilet. The Woodbridge Workers Committee is a member organization of "Mexicans Without Borders", which is the lead organization in the United States engaged in the "Other Campaign" of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation, also known as the EZLN. The purpose of this "Other Campaign" is to extend the radical agenda of the EZLN, which has engaged in terrorism in the past, beyond Mexico.

The EZLN has displaced thousands of civilians from so-called "autonomous zones", murdered captured prisoners with chainsaws, and seeks to destroy capitalism as one of its primary goals. Their official website "Enlace Zapatista" features photographs of their international efforts in the "Other Campaign" of burning cars in the suburbs of Paris during last year's riots, mobs of machete wielding radicals wearing ski masks, and pictures of their meetings with anarchist and communist organizations around the globe. The Mexicans Without Borders website even features a picture of Arnoldo Borjas addressing the EZLN in Mexico wearing camouflage fatigues and a ski mask. Hardly the "pro-immigrant" organization that it tries to portray itself, it is a disturbing radical organization that is calling for the destruction of American society.

Despite this disturbing allegiance to the anarchist cause, the Woodbridge Workers Committee and its parent, Mexicans Without Borders, both benefit from tax exempt status under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code. Such status requires that the organization refrain from engaging in political activities such as supporting or opposing legislation, but they regularly do in defiance of federal tax laws. Such status requires that they register with the Virginia State Corporation Commission, which neither has done. Such status requires that they file a Form 990 on an annual basis to disclose the source of their funding, which neither has ever done. Such status also requires certain disclosures be provided when soliciting contributions, which they appear never to have done. This pattern of flaunting our laws and behaving in an unlawful manner continues to this day, with their ridiculous lawsuit which seeks to overturn a vote by an elected officials on behalf of illegal aliens who are not eligible to vote.

The problems with this faulty lawsuit are clear and numerous.

This lawsuit names as defendants members of the Board of Supervisors based on their vote in favor of a resolution unanimously adopted on July 10th of this year. It is a quite a novelty that we can somehow hold elected officials civilly liable for their votes in our legislative bodies. Imagine what would happen in our courts if millions of people in the United States suddenly had the right to file a lawsuit against any legislator because they disagreed with how they voted.

The plaintiffs in this action have not suffered any harm, but are filing a lawsuit because they are concerned about something that may happen in the future. In order to file a lawsuit, plaintiffs must to prove that they have suffered actual harm, and the vast majority of plaintiffs in this case cannot in any way do so. To the extent that these plaintiffs are concerned about racial profiling, it is only because of the irresponsible and inflammatory statements by members of the illegal alien lobby which have told them this will unavoidably happen. Holding our Board of County Supervisors legally responsible for the irrational fear that the plaintiffs and their attorneys themselves have fostered within the immigrant community is outrageous.

The seven illegal aliens who are plaintiffs in this lawsuit are claiming that they are concerned that the resolution in support of the rule of law that was passed on July 10th increases the likelihood that they will be held accountable for their unlawful behavior. The premise behind this is that the courts somehow have an obligation to protect lawbreakers from the consequences of their illegal behavior. That is not at all what the law is supposed to do.

One plaintiff alleges that they have lost rental income because his tenants decided to move. The object of his complaint should legitimately be the Puerto Rican Legal Defense and Education Fund which has been spinning alarming and unfounded tales of unlawful discrimination that have not occurred, and is clearly a more proximate cause of harm than anything done by our elected officials. Instead, after creating this climate of fear within the immigrant community, it now seeks to profit from this fear by representing this plaintiff.

Virginia law specifically states that illegal aliens may not receive taxpayer-funded public benefits. State and federal law specifically provide localities the power to establish eligibility requirements for locally provided public benefits, reinforcing the powers that localities are guaranteed under the Tenth Amendment of the Constitution. Federal laws similarly empower local police to detain persons for violations of law, transmit a request to the Department of Homeland Security to determine a persons legal status, and use that information to determine whether someone is unlikely to appear in court. The rule of law resolution was carefully crafted to fall within the established guidelines of state and federal law and solely concerns illegal aliens, not immigrants as the illegal alien lobby contends.

The illegal alien lobby has consistently lost its battle at every turn to bully and intimidate our Board of County Supervisors into creating a safe haven for those who wantonly violate our laws. This ridiculous lawsuit, coming only a day after Mexicans Without Borders took out a full page ad in a local newspaper warning taxpayers that they would have to bear the burden of numerous lawsuits, is clearly a desperate attempt to influence the political debate with a frivolous lawsuit.

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