Help Save Manassas President Greg Letiecq delivered the following remarks to the Prince William County Board of Supervisors at their meeting on October 13th, 2009.  On the agenda for that meeting was the approval of the new Memorandum of Understanding for the Section 287(g) Program operating in Prince William County as part of the Rule of Law Resolution.

Today the Board is being forced to accept an agreement with the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement that eliminates every obligation the federal government has previously made to the citizens of Prince William County. We are well aware this Board can't do much about this, but this moment of federal perfidity cannot pass without without citizens expressing their outrage towards the federal government. They will be putting our lives at risk in order to protect illegal aliens from the consequences of their unlawful behavior.

Instead of keeping their commitment to us to remove illegal aliens within 72 hours, ICE will now remove illegal aliens at their leisure, and leave us to deal with the lower-level criminal aliens they are refusing to hold accountable for their violation of the law. We've seen the results of this dedicated non-enforcement of the law, and the results are that Americans will die as a result.

Take for example the case of Jose Martinez-Zeron. He was arrested in Manassas Park during the summer of 2007 for not having a drivers license and being in posession of three different false identities. Because this was a relatively low-level offense, this illegal alien was released on a $1,000 bond. The day after he was released, he murdered Brenely Ester Lessing-Yanes in Manassas City in a manner bearing every hallmark of an MS-13 killing, one so brutal that the ceiling of her bedroom was splattered with blood. Now absolved of responsibilities for removing illegal aliens, ICE would most likely release someone like Jose Martinez-Zeron under this new agreement.

Another illegal alien that would most probably escape deportation would be Obidio Arita-Najera. He got liquored up one night and went driving, and crashed into a motorcycle driven by PWCPD Lieutenant Phillip Harrover and tried to flee the scene. Harrover survived, but was badly injured and spent weeks in the hospital. Arita-Najera was processed by the 287(g) Program and an immigration detainer was placed on him. Under the new agreement, he might get deported. Might, not will. Most likely with this administration, the answer would be he would get released from jail after an appropriate sentence, back into our community to get liquored up and drive again until he actually kills someone.

Marcos Danilo Reyes Banegas raped and sodomized an eight year old girl in Prince William County, but had previously been arrested in Montgomery County, MD on charges of assault and disorderly conduct that they didn’t even bother to prosecute. In Loudoun County, Arnold Mancia-Morales raped a 75 year old woman in her home in 2008, but in 2006 he was convicted of felony burglary, and four misdemeanor charges a year later, two of which were for assaults. In 2007, after forcing himself on a young girl at the Sterling library, he received a 100-day suspended sentence for the attack. The current 287(g) Program would catch and deport all of these predators before they graduated to violent crime. This new agreement leaves such deportations in grave doubt.

Criminal illegal alien murderers and rapists often don’t start right out with murder and rape. They almost always start out with identity fraud, driving without a license, driving drunk and other lesser offenses that would, under the MOU getting rammed down our throats, virtually ensures that they would be released back into our communities instead of being deported. That’s how we ended up with illegal aliens on the Virginia sex offender registry until Bob McDonnell acted to have them deported. Now that we’re actually holding all those low-level criminal illegal aliens and deporting them, the murder rate by illegal aliens in Prince William County has dropped to zero, from about half of all the murders in Prince William County in 2007.

The unavoidable result of the Obama administration’s decision to throw away current federal agreements and replace them with something more hopey-changey is that the number of American citizens being raped and/or murdered by illegal aliens will rise. Illegal aliens who drive without a license, or drunk, or who steal identities or commit misdemeanor assaults will get a free ticket from ICE to unlawfully remain here as a trade-off for those American lives. While everyone but the fringe leftists think that deporting illegal aliens who commit crimes is not only the right thing to do but an imperative for government at all levels, the Obama administration is willing to trade American lives for the convenience of foreign nationals in the United States unlawfully and crack down not on illegal alien crime, but on deporting criminal aliens.

Irresponsibility doesn’t even begin to describe this outrage.

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